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We’d like to welcome you to Castleberry Farms Press, a very small family-owned publishing company. We write and publish books for Christian families, hoping to bless others with wholesome reading material.

Our goal is to provide quality books that you can have in your home and give to your children without reservation or hesitation. Please join us for a glimpse of our farm, home, lives, and books.


This offer expires on Sunday, December 18 at midnight: Christmas 2022 special offer- Buy one get one free

Special offer: For a limited time, we will send you a free book for every book you purchase online here. So, for example, if you place an order online for 4 books at the regular price, when we receive the order we'll add 4 free books to your shipment. If you place an order for 10 books at the regular price, when we receive the order, we'll add 10 books to your shipment. And so forth...

This offer is restricted to Internet sales from this website, and doesn't apply for any sales outside the U.S. (sorry, but shipping is too expensive to be able to make that work). Also, understand that the Post Office has predicted that they will be slow delivering packages this Christmas season, so please order super early. We ship via Media Mail, which normally takes 2-9 days to deliver, but we have no idea how long it will take during this upcoming holiday season.

Number of Words in our Books

We've been asked by some readers to supply the number of words in each book, because their child is in a school reading program and needs to know the number of words read.






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